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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The settings dialog does not accept my ADRMS Server credentials.

    The problem you describe means that you try to connect directly to your RMS server. This is not possible. The RMS Viewer needs a RMS Server component described in the app description:

    IMPORTANT: This application requires connectivity to an RMS Rendering Server running in your corporate network. Please read the requirements section below.

    The RMS Rendering Server is a component sold separately through our Partners or through our direct sales team. Just send us an email with the number of devices you want to protect and we're happy to help.

  • What's the price for the RMS Rendering Server.

    It depends if you need a Corporate Edition or an Enterprise Edition.

    The Corporate Editions starts at EUR 5.000,- including 100 device licenses. It's a single server installation and depending on your infrastructure the installation and configuration is done within hours.

    The Enterprise Edition splits the core functionality into a multi-server installation to separate the perimeter or for high-availability configurations. Special conditions for very large installations are available.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we do. International shipping options are available.

  • Can you arrange for a demo session for us to see how it works?

    We offer a cloud-demo called "Contoso-Group" which is a full featured AD-environment with Microsoft Exchange/ActiveSync and ADRMS to test all kind of devices you may want to check against. You may even connect to RDP-sessions to test your own Office/Outlook-Communication.
    If you like I'll send you the account-details and you can start evaluating.

  • How does "Lost device handing" work?

    By using the RMS Viewer administration dashboard an administrator can do two important tasks to protect the corporate assets: First you can 'wipe' the client app, that means all device keys and documents are deleted. In addition an administrator is able to look into the audit log to see which documents where viewed in the past.

  • How to create an email from RMS Viewer and add files as attachment.

    It's the other way around, a typical way on iOS because of the sandboxed apps. You need to select the document at the source (Mail, Dropbox, whatever) and 'send' it to RMS Viewer. See the trainings video

  • Is PDF supported?

    Yes, PDF is supported when a PDF attachment is attached to a RMS protected email.